We’re creating H22 together

We need to think and act differently in order to successfully plan, build, and manage the cities of tomorrow. Cities where both the people and planet can thrive. Through H22, the most exciting development work, the best solutions, and the smartest ideas are being showcased on an international platform. H22 is not only H22 City Expo, but also a three-year city-wide innovation initiative in Helsingborg. H22 is forming partnerships with those who are leading developments in their field and are part of shaping life in the city.

As an H22 partner, you are part of creating the future. Your investment in H22 is primarily constituted by the changes and innovations that you’re working on to develop your own organisation. But you’re also welcome to test new ideas here in Helsingborg, and perhaps together with us. In Helsingborg we make things possible, together!

From now until 2022 – forward together
Would you like to be involved in developing a smarter city and shaping the future together with us? Get in touch and we’ll gladly tell you more about H22, our different partner levels, and how we can move forward together.


If you are an association that wants to get involved in H22, you’re welcome to contact project manager Lotta Blond who works closely with residents and associations.



This is what we’re offering you as an H22 partner

  • Access to a network of H22 partners. That is to say, every future-oriented organisation that is taking part in H22.
  • H22 City Expo as a forum for networking, sharing, testing, and discussing the development of future solutions.
  • A unique international platform for presenting your business and innovation work during the 35 days of H22 City Expo.
  • Your total contribution, economically and resource-wise, will directly correlate to your exposure.

Four ways to
be involved


As an H22 co-creator, you are one of our key partners and thus take on an important role in the work towards 2022 and the creation of H22 City Expo. You are a leader in your field and can see the value of using H22 as a platform to share your work. Your H22 investment is directed at both individuals and businesses within several different areas, is interesting for an international audience, and can be presented as an exciting attraction to H22’s broad audience.


  • You’ll contribute content for H22. It can be a showcase, a test bed, an experience, a site visit, and/or conference content.
  • Your work starts now and your contribution will live on long after 2022.
  • Your contribution will help both you and the city of Helsingborg stand out in an international context.
  • Your contribution will drive development within your field by presenting future solutions.
  • You’ll be active, to a varying degree, during the entire H22 City Expo (35 days).


  • As a co-creator, you’ll be given exposure both leading up to and during H22 City Expo in all channels where content and partner information are communicated.
  • As a co-creator, you’ll be working closely with H22, be part of the network of partners, and be invited to regular meetups. Leading up to the city expo, we’ve planned a number of events where we’ll present our co-creators and your contribution.


As an H22 content partner, you’ll be a part of the programme during H22 City Expo and your primary contribution will be concentrated to 2022 and specific parts of the city expo. Your investment is directed at individuals and/or businesses. Whatever your target audience is, the content should be interesting at a national and/or international level.


  • You’ll contribute specific content for H22. It can be a showcase, a test bed, an experience, a site visit, and/or conference content.
  • The contribution that you’ll share at H22 City Expo is probably something you’re working on already.
  • Your specific content for H22 comprises a clear reason for your target audience to visit the city expo.
  • You’ll be an active part of H22 during chosen parts of the city expo.


  • As a content partner, you’ll be given exposure leading up to H22, but your primary exposure will be in conjunction with H22 City Expo and in the marketing of the expo’s content.
  • As a content partner, you’ll be working closely with H22, be part of the network of partners, and be invited to regular meetups. Leading up to H22 City Expo, we’ve planned a number of events where we’ll present our content partners in different ways.


As Friends of H22, we’ll be working hand in hand to create the sustainable and smart city of the future. Your involvement may be in the form of contributions to H22 City Expo but doesn’t necessarily have to. As good friends, we cooperate in contexts that give us both a push forwards. Your target audience can be both businesses and individuals.

• You support and strengthen H22’s investment through different types of activities in dialogue with us from now until H22 City Expo. The activities can be both practical and communicative.


  • As Friends of H22, you’ll be a part of H22’s network of partners and will be invited to regular meetups up until 2022.
  • You will be mentioned as a Friend of H22 in our communications channels leading up to and during H22 City Expo.


As an H22 exhibitor, you’ll deliver content that appeals to the purpose and visitors of H22 City Expo.
You are a producer or supplier of top-quality products or services that contribute to a smarter and more sustainable city. Your content also contributes to the overall experience of H22 City Expo and complements other content in terms of both substance and experience.


  • As an exhibitor, you’ll deliver content that, for example, can be an experience, service, or product to H22 City Expo.


  • As an exhibitor, your specific service or product will be a part of H22 and will be communicated in a suitable manner based on context.


  • We agree on the practical implementation, mainly during H22 City Expo, but it may also include commitment during the period leading up to 2022.
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