Excitement, playfulness, mischief, and some serious stuff

Helsingborg is a city for people who want something. And no matter your size, everyone should feel included in the city’s development. Because here, the decisions that affect our lives and our futures are our own to make.

In the City of Helsingborg, collaboration between research, industry, culture, and schools is a prerequisite for participation and the exchange of knowledge. The city should be a place for excitement, playfulness, mischief, and of course, tackling the serious issues.

In H22’s innovation work, children play an important role. After all, it’s they who will live in the city of the future, and we have to take responsibility for the society we leave for following generations.


H22 for Kids

Join in and create

Involving children in the H22 journey is necessary to ensure long-term innovation work and taking responsibility. The project “H22 for Kids” began in autumn 2020 at the school Maria Parkskolan with the goal of strengthening the connection between the children and the city.


Giving ideas wings!

What do children think Helsingborg will look like in 2035? How will the city smell and feel, and what will we be able to do in the city of the future? #kidsedition is giving children a voice and an opportunity to dream of the Helsingborg of tomorrow. Associations and organisations can receive SEK 5,000 for materials so that children’s groups aged 7-15 can come up with ideas on the future city.


Summit 2020 through a child’s eyes

With H22, we want to lift the children’s perspective in more contexts. H22 Summit is a meeting place for the smart ecosystem with a focus on urban development. Together with people of all ages and backgrounds, we are focusing our energy and creating a movement that will help us navigate a path towards a smarter city. Summit 2020 will feature the Real Play Coalition, whose ambition is to drive initiatives that prioritise the importance of play in children’s development and learning.


Children are our advisors!

Getting children and young people on board the innovation train requires new forms of engagement and dialogue. The H22 Advisory Board is a committee and a dialogue model for really focusing the city’s innovation work. It’s a forum that allows the innovation journey to be challenged and shaped. Leading up to H22 City Expo, we’ll be inviting children and young people to get involved, with the H22 Advisory Board being one avenue for engagement.