Curious about H22?

What is H22? What do we actually mean when we talk about a smarter city, and when is H22 City Expo taking place? Here you can find answers to common questions about H22. If you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

H22 is a major initiative by Helsingborg to develop future welfare solutions aimed at improving quality of life in a smarter, more sustainable city.

Society is facing significant challenges. Government revenue is decreasing because the proportion of children and elderly people is increasing in relation to the working population that pays taxes. This entails a more challenging financial situation for all municipalities in Sweden, including Helsingborg. At the same time, the residents have higher expectations in terms of easier, faster, and more flexible service. Furthermore, the world is faced with great climate challenges and the technological development that is currently under way is changing the way we live and work. Taking on these challenges requires new ways of working and smart welfare solutions. The city therefore needs to work with long-term and sustainable development regarding welfare and the urban environment. In order to succeed, the city must phase out elements that do not generate sufficient value, develop more efficient working methods, and create space for testing and innovation. This requires new forms of cooperation – local, national, and international.

A smarter city means creating a city where the focus is on:

  • improving quality of life, based on the conditions of those living there
  • achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • innovation aimed at developing welfare and the city
  • technology as a means of creating better public services
  • engaging residents, colleagues, businesses, associations, and academia in developing the city
  • a city’s ability to be both a facilitator and provider.

The H is for Helsingborg. 22 refers to the year 2022 when H22 City Expo will take place. H22 is also a nod to the past expos H55 and H99, although these were more limited exhibitions. H22 is a more wide-scale initiative to showcase an entire city and its investment in innovation, now and in the future.

H22 City Expo in an international event in Helsingborg that will run for 35 days in May-July 2022. It is also a platform for presenting innovation work and new solutions. The focus is on future solutions within welfare and urban development – how innovation can help improve the quality of everyday life for everyone living and working in Helsingborg.

H22 City Expo will involve three main geographic areas: Oceanhamnen, Drottninghög and SeaU. It will also involve a downtown area in the central parts of Helsingborg, along with several selected locations around the city and region (Skåne and Greater Copenhagen), referred to as satellites.

The entire H22 initiative is for the residents, because we want to make Helsingborg an even better city in which to live and work. H22 and H22 City Expo are about the people of Helsingborg. The focus is on future solutions within welfare and urban development and how innovation can help us in the work with improving the quality of everyday life for everyone in Helsingborg.

The City of Helsingborg has high ambitions and wants to become better. Global partnerships can be required in order to generate local improvements. One example is the possibility of developing the school system using artificial intelligence. Sweden is not currently on the forefront regarding research in this field. To learn from the best, we need to look beyond our own borders. H22 is our way of focusing efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and creating partnerships that solve challenges at both the local and global level. H22 is as much about learning from others as it is sharing our own experiences.

The project group works with making Helsingborg relevant to an international audience and forming new partnerships that contribute to the development of a smart and sustainable city. The project group also coordinates the overall work, planning, marketing, and execution of the city expo in 2022. H22’s project group works closely with all city departments, companies, and associations.

The basis for a company or organisation becoming an H22 partner is that they are engaged in innovation and development that is driving their industry forward, but which also contributes to making Helsingborg a smarter and more sustainable city. Partners can either contribute with initiatives that are implemented in the city or they can use the city as a test bed. H22’s partners will contribute with different initiatives that will help develop Helsingborg and improve quality of life for those living and working in the city.

A test bed is a physical or virtual environment where companies and other organisations can collaborate and test new products, services, and processes.

The total budget for H22 is SEK 250 million, distributed as follows:

SEK 132 million – innovation work
SEK 132 million is being invested in the city departments’ innovation work during the period 2020-2022. The money is allocated based on the size of the board/department and is distributed over three years. This funding may not be used for operational development or reinforcing regular operations. It is earmarked for innovation work that will contribute to developing future initiatives within welfare and urban development.

SEK 118 million – The making of a smarter city / H22 City Expo
SEK 118 million is being invested in the H22 work that involves establishing new international partnerships, creating new collaborations with partners, and planning and carrying out H22 City Expo over a period of 35 days. The following are examples of the preparation work running up to 2022:

  • Getting the people who live and work in Helsingborg involved in the work with developing the city and H22 City Expo.
  • Engaging businesses, associations, city employees, and academia in the development of the city and H22 City Expo.
  • Running and supporting initiatives and projects that contribute to Helsingborg becoming one of Europe’s most innovative cities.
  • Strengthening Helsingborg’s position internationally and creating new international partnerships.

SEK 32 million from carry-forward budget

From the City Planning Committee, Environmental Committee, Municipal Executive Committee, and Property Committee, surpluses from previous years, so-called carry-forward budget, are also used. These surpluses amount to approximately SEK 32.8 million. It may, for example, relate to increased costs for cleaning, street maintenance, and extra security costs that arise in connection with large events but which are not direct event costs. The fact that the municipality uses carry-forward budget from another financial year is according to plan, and this has also been done previously for several different purposes.

The SEK 250 million is financed by a dividend from Port of Helsingborg that was decided on by the municipal council in 2017. The dividend is a one-time payment and cannot be used for operations or initiatives that increase the city departments’ current expenditure.

From the City Planning Committee, Environmental Committee, Municipal Executive Committee, and Property Committee, surpluses from previous years, so-called carry-forward budget, are also used for indirect costs resulting from a large proportion of visitors coming to the city. These surpluses amount to approximately SEK 32 million.