Test Beds for pushing

Helsingborg has been transformed into a city-wide test bed for exploring smart solutions through collaboration with actors across society – public servants, residents, social entrepreneurs, businesses, academia, regions, other cities, intergovernmental bodies, and non-profit organisations.

A test bed can be a physical or virtual environment for testing new products, services, and processes, and there are numerous test beds emerging throughout the city. Discover some of these below and join H22 in learning, sharing knowledge, and testing our way forward.



Do you have an idea you’d like to develop in one of our test beds?
If you’re interested in our test beds, please get in touch and we’ll help you with contacts.

Kristin Engholm

The great potential of social innovation

Collaborating on complex challenges with Sopact.

City Hub Alliance makes connecting all the small things easy and safe

Did you know that tiny sensors everywhere are making Helsingborg smarter each day?

Transforming positive initiatives into real solutions

H22 Accelerator is an initiative created together with H22 partner HETCH to support local businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

Turning sustainability goals into workshops

Do you need support in your sustainability work? Habiteum may be the place for you.

Come play and create, one 10×10-metre pixel at a time

An old pier in Helsingborg becomes a playground for people’s imagination.

Leading applied AI for smart cities

Get AI and the Smarter City Lab are exploring possibilities and driving developments.

Welcome to Helsingborg’s new techhouse by the sea

Join HETCH and SUP46 in a community that inspires growth.

Sweden’s first city-run innovation hub and accelerator

Channeling smart solutions for the future of Helsingborg.

A unique treatment plant in the heart of the city

Where research, development, and learning meet in Oceanhamnen.

Where ideas taking us towards zero waste go to grow

The old city dump in Helsingborg is now home to top innovators developing green solutions.