Alexandra Hvalgren

In 2016, the author Conny Palmqvist came to the Vision Fund looking for funding for a little documentary on the Sewing Club, a group that smuggled refugees across the strait in the 1940s.

Hamse Kjerstadius

The City of Helsingborg will be the first in Sweden to build a large-scale urban sewer system for waste separation in Oceanhamnen. Starting from the 1960s, the current sewer system has to a large extent been extended in stages to solve the environmental problems arising from the city’s sewage.

In the innovation initiative that the City of Helsingborg has launched with H22, we’re aiming for big, bold changes – what’s known as radical innovation. This ambition involves two key prerequisites that clearly differentiate innovation from traditional development.

Troed Troedsson

Future analyst Troed Troedson says that the future is suddenly upon us and that COVID-19 will entail lasting changes in society. He also says that H22 has become even more relevant than before, because what kind of society do we actually want when the current pandemic has passed?