Drottninghög was the first area built in Helsingborg as part of the Million Programme. This was an ambitious public housing project between 1965 and 1974 with the aim of building one million affordable homes in response to a housing shortage. This type of neighbourhood became known for its monotonous design and lack of diversity.

The residential district is being developed and transformed through the DrottningH project – an initiative that will run for at least twenty years with a focus on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Drottninghög shall be an integrated part of the city – physically, mentally, and socially.

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Continuous dialogue with those living and working in Drottninghög is essential. Exploring, testing, and learning together in a new type of multi-level governance.


Building a neighbourhood needs to be about the people, about improving quality of life. As city populations grow, public spaces need to reinforce common goals and provide a platform for connecting with others and with nature.


Innovative urban development is about the built environment responding to the needs of society. It’s about technology and innovation creating spaces that reinforce our values and inspire.


The transformation of Drottninghög is as much about the journey as the destination. It’s a living project, dedicated to new collaborations and the engagement of residents where we build tomorrow’s neighbourhood together.

The development work within the project is being done by the City of Helsingborg together with the property owner Helsingborgshem. Drottninghög has sparked global interest by using innovation and smart solutions to breathe new life into a city district.

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