Urban Living Labs – Real needs lead to real solutions in urban mobility

How do you get around today? It’s simple questions like this that will hopefully lead to the sustainable transport solutions of tomorrow. And it’s the people of Drottninghög who will be answering this and other questions to get to the heart of the transport needs of city life.

The district of Drottninghög in the City of Helsingborg is being put under the microscope. This spring, researchers will take a closer look at how tenants use transport and what drives their choices. In-depth interviews and a close monitoring of patterns and habits will try to uncover the real needs and values that guide people towards some solutions, and not others. Later this year, the residents will be invited to join researchers, city planners, and developers in co-designing prototypes for future mobility solutions.

Public transport, ridesharing services, self-driving vehicles – what alternatives could actually work for residents? Well, the people of Drottninghög will be speaking their mind on all these issues. After all, what good is innovation if it doesn’t lead to a better life?

Design Ethnographic Living Labs for Future Urban Mobility – A Human Approach (AHA II) is a project run by researchers from Halmstad University along with Volvo Cars, Skånetrafiken, Västtrafik, and the cities of Helsingborg and Gothenburg, with Helsingborgshem also involved in the Helsingborg work. The project is financed by the innovation programme Drive Sweden to try out new ways to engage people in the design process for tomorrow’s transport solutions. So ask yourself, what solutions would work for you?

We are now looking for people who would like to participate in the project, please contact vaike.fors@hh.se

Picture: Credits to Katalin Osz, Volvo Cars

“By combining a human-centred and design ethnographic approach, we’re putting the social and human dimension of everyday life ahead of technological innovation and usability.”

– Susanne Duval, Infrastructure Strategist, City of Helsingborg