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During the spring of 2021, four new advisory groups are being started within a number of important areas. As a city resident or association representative, you can find a platform and tools to get involved, share your ideas, and explore the opportunities to make a difference in your city. In doing so, you can make your voice heard and develop your ideas together with others. Knowledge of the city’s opportunities and tools can be the path for growing ideas and commitment. The meetings are a chance to provide the participants with perspective and contacts, but also encourage them to share their input and thoughts on the city’s development. Each group has representatives from the city’s political leadership.

Residents Council

H22 is something that concerns all of us. It’s about you and your loved ones, and the city we live in. It’s about finding answers to some difficult questions. How do we provide for the growing needs of elderly residents? What will the school of the future look like? How do we promote good mental health among young people? How do we build a sustainable Helsingborg? And how can we increase the feeling of safety among city residents?

It’s about our welfare. And what is needed is for residents to meet, come up with ideas, and get involved together! That’s why we’re inviting you and other Helsingborg residents to come talk about how we can develop the Helsingborg of the future. During 2021-2022, four meetings are being organised, with the first having taken place in January 2021. The preliminary date for the next meeting will be in May 2021, but keep a lookout in our social media channels for information so that you don’t miss anything.

Our meetings during spring/summer 2021 will be digital, and you will receive a link when you sign up.

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Seniors Council

The goal is for more elderly residents to get involved in the city’s development. From spring 2021 until the summer of 2022, we are arranging four meetings for Helsingborg residents who are 70 and older. The meetings are digital or in person and will be about what the participants need, want, and can contribute in the work leading up to H22 City Expo. Each meeting has a specific theme.

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Youth Council

The Youth Council is an apolitical council for those aged 15-20. The members of the council act as a link between politicians and Helsingborg’s youth. The Youth Council does this by pursuing its own issues, writing opinions on politicians’ proposals (referrals), and giving input on various programmes and topics that affect young people in the city. As a member, you have the chance to drive important issues and communicate the will of young people in the City of Helsingborg. The council has a collaboration with the city’s politicians where you can influence and comment on the political decisions made in the city.

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Association Council

The Association Council will address the future of associations and their activities in the city. The idea is that we will discuss what the major challenges are, and then hold a hackathon, conference, or similar event at H22 City Expo, where we together discuss these challenges and try to identify important steps that need to be taken within this area, looking ahead to 2035.

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