In times of crisis, it can be hard to see the positive aspects.
But when we look back through history, we can see that crises have driven developments within society and given birth to new ideas.
The core of the work being done with H22 is about shining a light on innovations in the city. Therefore we’ve compiled a collection of good examples of how people are cooperating, helping out, and finding smart solutions in these troubling times.

We’re showing what we’re made of! When faced with sudden adversity, it’s amazing how people rise to the challenge. Patterns of behaviour quickly shift and adapt to best respond to the emerging situation. We have singled out four major behavioural changes arising from the coronavirus crisis that we’ve observed taking place in the world right now. Changes that we hope will become a permanent approach as we take on future challenges together.


Knowledge and experience can be the weak link when we need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. But when lives are at stake, the motivation to learn becomes that much greater. The coronavirus crisis is forcing rapid digitisation within certain areas, for example in the school system. A process that would have otherwise taken several years is happening almost overnight.



When demand shifts radically among industries, unexpected collaborations emerge. On the one hand, an understaffed operation under pressure, on the other, people who suddenly find themselves without work for the foreseeable future.


Another trend that has emerged in response to today’s challenges has been to reassess how existing services and processes can be adapted following a market upheaval.


The generosity of others has never been more apparent. Google and Microsoft are offering free software, webinars are on the rise, culture and entertainment are being streamed free of charge, and libraries are delivering books to the homes of those in risk groups.



Free e-commerce and training

Through a collaboration between E-commerce Park of Sweden and Quickbutik, all merchants in the City of Helsingborg are being offered a free online course in e-commerce and six months of free platform access.


Bright Act

To prevent people from suffering abuse at home, the BrightAct app has been created to give communicative support to those in need of advice and help. The app provides the user with important information on domestic violence and connects them to vital services such as emergency housing. The idea for BrightAct originated during the governments and DIGG’s Hackathon, Hack the Crisis, in response to reports of increased domestic violence due to the isolated living situation arising from COVID-19.

H22 is proud to shine a light on BrightAct as an innovative example of how, during a crisis such as this, people can receive help in real time! But it’s also about creating better conditions for how we can help people in the future using digital tools and technology.

Skollovsjobb. Vattnar vid växthuset på Drottninghög

Want to make a difference? Be a volunteer!

Do you want to help out other people in need? The City of Helsingborg’s volunteer centre is coordinating a wide range of volunteer activities. If you’re interested, contact or call 042-105000.

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Vy över inre hamnen och centrum med Rådhuset, The Tivoli och Tullhuset.

Action Helsingborg

The City of Helsingborg is creating a digital meeting place as a platform for local involvement and resources in these challenging times.

It includes a newly established business fund, crowdfunding for businesses, and much more.

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European cities are sharing

The Eurocities network has created a platform where European cities can share their experience, initiatives, and actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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An entire network of consultants at your disposal!

Dreamwork’s network of management consultants and numerous experts are at your disposal – at no cost whatsoever. They are doing this to help get us through the crisis and save businesses as well as jobs.

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The City of Helsingborg has launched a free app so people can get connected digitally and help each other out. Register to tell people what you need or what you can help with.

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Hjärta av blommor på Kullagatan inför alla hjärtans dag 2020.


HBG City – Helsingborg’s city association for downtown businesses – has issued a challenge! Support your local restaurants by getting a take-out meal and challenge three friends to do the same! #takeawaychallenge


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Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon organised by the Swedish Government and partners. The goal is to design, test, and execute ideas for future solutions in response to COVID-19. All are welcome to join the fight on 3-4 April!

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Helsingborg will help with your shopping

Are you over the age of 70 and need help with shopping?

Helsingborg is working with the Red Cross to help you shop for food and medication. Call 042-10 50 00 for more information.



The restaurants at the Söder mall in Helsingborg are joining together to find smart solutions! Why not order a mix of delicious food from different spots and have it delivered right to your door?

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Vybild tagen från Kärnan över Stortorget, Rådhuset och Hamntorget med färja i Sundet.


Use this hashtag to shine a light on our local companies and to gather ideas and challenges from one business owner to another. We’re stronger together!



Are you interest in a webinar on retail, recession, and the opportunities that will arise after coronavirus? Check out what WSP Talks has to offer here.


This is HBG

This website provides information in English to those new to Helsingborg looking to network or get settled. Here you can find info on local initiatives and groups you can join that are finding new solutions during the corona crisis.

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Your Local Hero is an initiative to help out your local restaurant during these tough times. Buy a gift card today that you can enjoy later on when we get back to enjoying life on the town!


Have elite players help with the shopping

Elite players from Helsingborg handball club OV Handboll are helping pensioners with their shopping. Din Bil and Audi are also involved in this collaboration.

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Vybild tagen från Kärnan över Stortorget, Rådhuset och Hamntorget med färja i Sundet.

H22 accelerator

H22 Accelerator är ett initiativ som har skapats tillsammans med H22:s partner HETCH, för att stötta det lokala näringslivet som drabbas av coronakrisens effekter

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Nominate a community hero!

Each day, Wihlborgs Fastigheter is celebrating different community heroes with a free lunch from restaurants in their properties. Anyone can nominate one or several individuals working within a vital societal function.

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Help through the jungle of coronavirus info!

In cooperation with the City of Helsingborg and HBG City – Helsingborg’s city association for downtown businesses –  ICA Kvantum at the Söder mall has opened an information centre to help business owners with any questions regarding running their business, info updates, and support during the coronavirus crisis. Open Tuesdays 12:30-14:00.



A college student has designed a face mask with a clear window so that those who are deaf or hard of hearing can read the lips and facial expressions of healthcare workers. She’s distributing them free of charge to those who need them.


Chemists at Stockholm University have produced 8300 litres of hand sanitiser along with other single-use products in demand right now. This is to meet the needs of the healthcare services. The initiative has spread to other education institutions.


To help out businesses under pressure, Höganäs municipality is making it so that local restaurants that are able can deliver lunches to the municipality’s preschools during weeks 16-18.



IKEA’s orders have halved in recent weeks. Through a quick switchover in operations, they’ve now produced a million face masks for healthcare services which are on their way towards Europe.



“I’ve printed around 30 protective visors since I started. It takes between twenty minutes and one hour to produce a frame. I think we’re now up to about 6000 in total in the country.”

– Dimitrij Aleshkov, Helsingborg’s Ninja



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