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By getting involved and taking part, you help to paint a clear picture of the real needs and challenges in the city. Do you want to join in and make a difference? In the list below you can find projects that right now are looking to engage and involve Helsingborg’s residents in H22. The list will be updated regularly.

Resident Reporter is a project where people with personal experience of social services can write about social work and development projects from their own perspective, here on ö

The Social Services Department needs to improve its communication, both internally and with users and user organisations, and in particular, in the communication of projects we run with the participation of users. As a resident reporter, you will have an opportunity to raise issues that you or people in your network want to discuss, and direct questions to the service organisations.

You will be invited by the service organisations to do interviews, take part in meetings, conferences, lectures, and other events, and describe them from your perspective. You will also get to report from various working groups and development projects involving user participation.

You yourself choose which assignments you want to do and how much time you want to spend on this. You will be paid an hourly rate for your published pieces. Read more and apply here


U2Work is a digital support for job-seekers that has been developed in close collaboration with TCB People & Organisation AB and the City of Helsingborg’s Labour Market Department. U2Work contains courses that will increase your chances when looking for a job.

Tools that can help you do your CV and Cover Letter. Games to prepare you for a job interview, and other things you need to know to help you succeed! Everything is gathered in one place – when you want and where you want!

Each course episode is followed by two questions to answer. What you thought about the course and if you learned something new. There is also the option of submitting comments in an open text field. If you want to take part and try out our solution, we ask that you provide your feedback using this function. Anyone who wants to test it is welcome to apply. (With a max. limit of 50 people)

From 1 March 2021, we are starting version 1.0 and you will have access to U2Work for 30 days.

Want to test it?

You get a login by sending your name, email address, and phone number to 
We will get back to you within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) with instructions for logging in.

Klick completely removes the need to navigate around your tablet and try remember which icons belong to which programs, how to set up video calls with your daughter on Skype, or how to open Facebook.

Klick completely removes the need to navigate around your tablet and try remember which icons belong to which programs, how to set up video calls with your daughter on Skype, or how to open Facebook.

We’ve let ourselves by inspired by the old slide projector, and we’ve created physical cards that you slot into a reader on the back of your tablet. The cards can be designed to be easy to understand – a picture of your daughter on the card that starts a Skype call with her; a card with the SVT logo to start SVT Play and watch the news; a card with pictures of your children opens the grandkids’ photo album in the cloud. Everything that’s possible to do with a tablet can be started using a coloured card. Stiff, dry fingers or a failing memory will no longer stop you from having a video call with your family or binging a series on Netflix.

Klick has been developed at the Health and Social Care Department as a way to try and reduce digital exclusion among our city residents, and it is a tool to make digital experiences easier based on people’s abilities. This could be people who are over 70 years old, suffer from poor vision, have restricted movement, or have some form of dementia.

Help us!

We want to know what you think about Klick and how it feels to use. Is there something that is difficult or not included? Can we improve anything?

You will be able to share your experience through questionnaires and interviews. Tests with around 50 devices will be started in spring 2021, with the possibility of expanding this.

Contact us

Interested in trying out Klick? Email

If you do not have the option of email but want to test Klick, call Johan Müllern-Aspegren at 073 – 650 97 16.

The pilot project Skogspaus (A Forest Break) is a collaboration between the City Planning Department and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), where we are testing whether a virtual forest can have the same positive effects on stress as a real forest. At the same time, the researchers from SLU will be testing different types of portable technology that, in the future, will help researchers to collect information on human interactions with the outdoor environment.

With the help of video, sound, and smell, we will recreate a forest setting in a transportable space. The idea is that this will be a calm place where you can take a short break before, during, or after your workday. The space is open for all to visit from Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 in the reception at the City Planning Department, Järnvägsgatan 22 in Helsingborg. To collect data on how the body reacts in a virtual forest, each participant will be fitted with portable technology and visit the forest room regularly over one week. The study is being conducted from April to July, and all the data collected will be anonymous.

Contact person: Anna Kowalik Tidblad, Project Manager

Mobile 072- 217 46 70


If you want to get involved in H22, you are welcome to contact Lotta Blond, who is a project manager with a focus on residents and associations.

Lotta Blond

Lotta Blond


    Hbg Works
    Drottninggatan 14
    252 21 Helsingborg