Get involved and try something new!

By getting involved and taking part, you help to paint a clear picture of the real needs and challenges in the city. Do you want to join in and make a difference? In the list below you can find projects that right now are looking to engage and involve Helsingborg’s residents in H22. The list will be updated regularly.

Resident Reporter is a project where people with personal experience of social services can write about social work and development projects from their own perspective, here on ö

The Social Services Department needs to improve its communication, both internally and with users and user organisations, and in particular, in the communication of projects we run with the participation of users. As a resident reporter, you will have an opportunity to raise issues that you or people in your network want to discuss, and direct questions to the service organisations.

You will be invited by the service organisations to do interviews, take part in meetings, conferences, lectures, and other events, and describe them from your perspective. You will also get to report from various working groups and development projects involving user participation.

You yourself choose which assignments you want to do and how much time you want to spend on this. You will be paid an hourly rate for your published pieces. Read more and apply here



If you want to get involved in H22, you are welcome to contact  us


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