Explore sustainable living
– with a spectacular view!

Oceanhamnen is an entirely new city district with the ambition of becoming an urban archipelago, where quality of life and sustainability go hand in hand. But what’s really exciting is the innovations beneath the surface, where circular thinking has been taken one step further.

During H22 City Expo, curiosity and playfulness will meet science and knowledge under the theme Open up for Circularity, and water will be the element that ties things together. In Oceanhamnen, you can take a closer look at fascinating circular solutions that improve life – above and below the waves. Explore an urban marine park, enjoy tons of watery activities, and why not round it off with some idyllic dining along the sparkling coast. There’s something for everyone in Oceanhamnen.


Smart solutions in every corner
The goal from the start with developing Oceanhamnen has been sustainable urban development – economic, environmental, and social. Through the city’s innovation initiative, the limitations on what can be achieved have been expanded and new possibilities have been created. Already now, work is being done with innovative circular systems and a hub for material recycling, and partnerships for testing and developing with global actors are being forged. But these are just a few of the reasons why Oceanhamnen will be one of four main areas during H22 City Expo.


In Oceanhamnen, the residents are environmental heroes – just by going about their day
Contributing to a greener city has never been easier. All you have to do as a new resident of Oceanhamnen is sit on your balcony and enjoy the fantastic sea view. In other words, you can just go about your day as normal. Every home is being equipped with a unique waste separation system with three pipes; one pipe for ground food waste, one pipe for baths, dishwashing, and washing machines, and one vacuum pipe for toilets. Yes, a vacuum toilet. Not as scary as it sounds.

It feels like the Helsingborg
of the future is right here!

Pernilla Möller, resident of Oceanhamnen


In the past, the Oslo Pier in Oceanhamnen was an expansive green area, and when there were no guards about, it was a popular destination for dockworkers eager for a swim.

More memories from Oceanhamnen

Hear residents of Oceanhamnen talk about their new home.

With this system, the separated sewage is processed in the district’s unique treatment plant Reco Lab. Here it can be recycled and used, for example, to fuel the city’s buses or make nutrient pellets for growing crops. With Reco Lab’s amazing showroom, you can marvel at the system close up during H22 City Expo. Kids, families, and those in the know will learn something new and exciting about circular living!

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Learn more about the Three Pipes Sewer System

”What would happen if we took a new approach and designed a sewer system built to recycle resources? Well, we’d be doing exactly what we already know to do with waste, separating sewage at the source!”

Hamse Kjerstadius,
Development Engineer, Reco Lab


Hamse Kjerstadius

Hamse Kjerstadius

The sea is your neighbour

Since the sea is our neighbour in Helsingborg, it’s important to preserve, improve, and shine a light on life below the surface. Working with the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, several projects are taking place at Oceanhamnen that have a sea theme. The projects are pushing the boundaries of urban planning beyond the piers to create a better quality of life both above and below the surface. During H22 City Expo, you will see what these inventive projects are all about, and maybe have a whole new world opening up for you!

A marine park in the middle of the city

An artificial reef for a better quality of life

A spacious district for a growing city

In its first development phase at the Ocean Pier, Oceanhamnen will have 350 new homes by 2022. Three office buildings with exciting architecture at the furthest point on the pier will provide lots of space for business premises and services just by the water. The area will also have a central square and a canal through the pier for small boats to pass.
The next phase involves plans for around 700 more homes, a seawater swimming pool, and a parking structure, with the ambition to build an entirely new island connecting the Ocean Pier to the old Oslo Pier. Until then, the area of water between the two piers will remain open. The entire district of Oceanhamnen will be fully developed by 2030.

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