Where city life finds its balance

Slottshagen is a green oasis steeped in history, right in the middle of the city. And with breathtaking views over the city and ocean, what better place is there to talk about quality of life for people and planet?

In the shade of the medieval fortress tower Kärnan, Slottshagen park is a must-see in Helsingborg. During H22 City Expo, this is where we Open up for Quality of Life. It’s about the balance between work and recreation, city and countryside, rest and movement. Explore exciting outdoor activities, and experience how health and sustainability are connected. A short stroll by way of the spectacular terrace steps takes you to conferences, food experiences, events, and culture. A sustainable city needs spaces that promote people’s well-being and a good work-life balance – welcome to Slottshagen!

Through the ages, for all ages

The area around Slottshagen is a focal point for the city’s history. Already in the Viking era, the foundation was laid here for what is today Helsingborg. The medieval fortification Kärnan still towers over the city and stands guard at the entrance to the turn-of-the-century park, designed in the style of an English garden. Slottshagen also has a proud tradition of being a place for children and there has been a public playground here since 1906. Nowadays you can find the Medieval Playground – an imaginative place to play that embraces the heritage of the site. And let’s not forget Grytan, the open-air stage that offers culture and entertainment for all to enjoy!

”Slottshagen really brings together the best of Helsingborg in one place. The rich history, the fantastic view, and the sprawling nature – all in the middle of the city!

Soraya Axelsson, Head of H22

Quality of life is key

At Slottshagen, the full focus is on quality of life. People gather here during the warmer months of the year to socialise, work out, or unwind, and it’s common to see the “Swedish daddies” taking the strollers out for a run! During H22 City Expo, many of the city’s associations will be involved in encouraging young and old to try out new activities. Information hubs and guides will also be on site to show visitors all the things they can do. At Slottshagen, the vital links between well-being and nature are as clear as day. Sustainability and health go hand in hand in a smarter city!

 Does your association want to be seen at Slottshagen during H22 City Expo?

The 15-minute City

Helsingborg has a unique, politically adopted Quality of Life Programme that connects the city’s work with the environment and public health. The ambition is a sustainable, inclusive city with good conditions for balancing working life and leisure time. One inspiration in how the city is being developed is the 15-minute City, a French concept meaning that all the ingredients of everyday life must be within reach. Take a morning dip before work, cycle to the store, and go for a run in the park after picking up from preschool – all within 15 minutes without a car!

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