From today to 2022 H22 is a platform to explore new standards and ideas that makes a smarter city. Take a look at some of the ongoing tests and projects below.


Show trees some love!

The City of Helsingborg has taken on the UN’s Trees in Cities Challenge. Will you join others in matching the city’s target?

City Hub Alliance makes connecting all the small things easy and safe

Did you know that tiny sensors everywhere are making Helsingborg smarter each day?

Smart life preservers keep our waterfronts safe

Helsingborg is exploring interesting ways to use technology in public spaces.

Three pipes circular sewer system

A groundbreaking solution for handling food waste and wastewater.

What’s for lunch? Who’s picking me up? – LAIban the preschool AI assistant knows

Innovators and educators in Helsingborg have developed an exciting new application.

Smartest container port in the Nordics

Port of Helsingborg and Einride are testing self-driving electric pods as a green solution.

Pixla Piren – Come play and create, one 10×10-metre pixel at a time

An old pier in Helsingborg becomes a playground for people’s imagination.

Hbg Works – Sweden’s first city-run innovation hub and accelerator

Channeling smart solutions for the future of Helsingborg.

Want SEK 100,000 to bring your dream project for Helsingborg to life?

The Vision Fund is for realising those great ideas that would otherwise stay just a dream.

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