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A local Paris Agreement for the logistics sector

More goods are being shipped than ever before. At the same time, it is increasing urgent that we accelerate the green transition. To become climate neutral within the foreseeable future...

When the world came to Helsingborg

The challenges facing Helsingborg are also faced by cities around the world. One of the main aims of H22 is to create long-term international relations for Helsingborg and all stakeholders...

The road to a fossil-free society

Wireless charging for electric vehicles – built into the road surface. As the first port in the world to do so, the Port of Helsingborg is working with Elonroad to...

DM – an innovative meeting place that brings people together

A combined urban farm, kitchen, market, and meeting place created by local residents – DM in Drottninghög is a unique collaboration with the aim of creating a “third place”, i.e....

Smartest container port in the Nordics

Port of Helsingborg and Einride are testing self-driving electric pods as a green solution.

Show trees some love!

The City of Helsingborg has taken on the UN’s Trees in Cities Challenge. Will you join others in matching the city’s target?
City of Helsingborg / Vinnova

Creating smarter streets

A mobility hub is being tested in Helsingborg as part of a high-concept project to retrofit Swedish streets.
BoKlok / City of Helsingborg

A home for life

With the SilviaBo project, BoKlok are developing attractive homes to meet the specific needs of the senior population of Helsingborg.
BoKlok / City of Helsingborg

Building a sense of community

BoKlok are joining other stakeholders in developing the Drottninghög district with an inclusive housing concept.
NSR / Togenesis

Recycling comes with its own rewards

Togenesis and NSR have tested a new waste collection concept with Helsingborg’s residents.
BrightAct / City of Helsingborg

Thoughtful tech that saves lives and fights crime

BrightAct’s application is a lifeline for victims of domestic abuse, now more than ever.
nowaste / VOF

Making sure that elderly care is time well spent

The city and E-drop are finding digital solutions for food and medication delivery to make time for what matters most.
City of Helsingborg

A Children’s Meeting Place with deep roots

How can we create an environment where children’s questions and thoughts on the future are heard by those who can bring about change?
City of Helsingborg / SBF

Help design your city using Augmented Reality

Stadslabbet is a new app that’s redefining inclusive urban planning and design – for the people and with the people.
Fire and Rescue Service

Behind every fire is a story to learn from

Risks and safety are being explored by young people through an innovative pop-up exhibition.
City of Helsingborg / NSR

”I’ll have that!” Seeking circularity in everyday life

Helsingborg is creating processes to reuse and share as much as possible in the different city departments. And what about an app for that?
NSR / Vera Park

Tomorrow’s furniture made from wood waste and green glue

NSR is investigating a new recipe for the wood panels used in most homes.
City of Helsingborg / SBF / Security

Can smart sensors prevent unwanted graffiti?

Testing innovative ideas for a safer urban environment.
City of Helsingborg / SBF / Security

A smarter, safer city through big data analysis

How can research and digital tools be used to prevent crime?
NSR / SBF / Vera Park

Biochar – what exactly is it and how can it make a difference?

NSR is creating circular solutions for a greener, more sustainable society.

A place for the resources of the future

A concept development project with a focus on recycling and circularity.
RISE / SBF / Tengbom

Certification for inclusive public spaces

Using equality and inclusion as the building blocks in a smarter city.

More sustainable menus and less food waste

Working together with the schools of Helsingborg.
NSR / Vera Park

Is our dump a gold mine?

Extracting valuable materials from old landfill.

Garbage pickup when you want it

A solution that reduces unnecessary stops and the emptying of barely filled bins.
Öresundskraft / Region skåne

The energy-smart hospital of tomorrow

Öresundskraft and Region Skåne have together begun the journey towards an energy-smart hospital.
City of Helsingborg

Crowfunding Helsingborg

Through a new platform created together with H22 partner FundedByMe, Helsingborg residents can now support local businesses with donations.

Less loneliness, more integration

Come visit SällBo – the new co-living concept in Helsingborg.
Helsingborgshem / Skånetrafiken / Urban Living labs / Västtrafiken / Volvo

Real needs lead to real solutions in urban mobility

The tenants of Drottninghög, Helsingborg are taking part in shaping the city transport of tomorrow.

Find the perfect parking space before you even get there

What if an AI application could show you all the free parking spaces in the city?
City Hub Alliance / City of Helsingborg

Smart life preservers keep our waterfronts safe

Helsingborg is exploring interesting ways to use technology in public spaces.
NSVA / Reco Lab / RecoLab

Are three pipes smarter than one?

A groundbreaking solution for handling food waste and wastewater.
City of Helsingborg / HBG WORKS

What’s for lunch? Who’s picking me up? – Why not ask a robot?

Innovators, educators, and children in Helsingborg have developed an exciting new application.
Elonroad / Port of Helsingborg

Smartest container port in the Nordics

Port of Helsingborg and Einride are testing self-driving electric pods as a green solution.

Want to bring your dream project to life?

The Vision Fund supports those great ideas that create a better city. Each year, money is made available to people who want to make a difference in Helsingborg.

From sludge to eye candy with 3D technology

Follow the production of nutritious food at care homes. Keeps its texture and looks tasty!