What’s for lunch? Who’s picking me up? – LAIban the preschool AI assistant knows

How can digital technology empower preschoolers and help them get more out of their time at preschool? To find out, Helsingborg innovators and preschool teachers came together and created an AI assistant that answers preschoolers’ most pressing questions.

Meet LAIban, the AI assistant that responds to touch and voice, answering questions such as: What’s for lunch? Who’s picking me up? And when? It recommends what to wear when going out to play – winter hat and gloves, raincoat and rubber boots, or maybe sunscreen – based on up-to-the-minute weather information.

The children feel empowered in finding the answers to their questions themselves, and educators, children, and their parents appreciate having information that’s both accurate and easily available to them all the time. Everyone gets the same information and every child has the chance to be heard. LAIban gets smarter every day. For example, it understands all the languages in which the children want to ask their questions. In one Helsingborg preschool, LAIban speaks Swedish, English, Arabic, Russian, and French!

The project is now exploring the potential for LAIban to empower other groups with accurate and accessible answers, for example the senior citizens of Helsingborg’s retirement homes.

Watch this video to learn more about how it all was created, or get in touch to find out if LAIban is coming to your preschool.

“There are many situations during the day when preschool children have practical questions. Having LAIban always available means they get accurate answers – and since they tend to see LAIban as somewhat of an authority, it helps teachers out and lets us put our time to better use in other activities with the children.”

– Simon Melin, Helsingborg Preschool Teacher