Do you want to part of creating the city district of the future?

Maria Pettersson, head teacher at the school Maria Parkskolan, has developed a project idea for how she and her colleagues Catarina Kovacs Nilsson, Jenny Lundberg and Martin Fastberg can best engage the pupils so that they become a natural part of the work leading up to H22 City Expo.

The goal of the H22 for Kids project is to make H22 understandable to the younger pupils in the city’s schools. The project aims to strengthen the connection between the schools and the city and to inspire a sense of pride and involvement among the pupils.

During spring 2021, teachers and pupils in the city will be involved and challenged in a building project where they get a chance to create the city district of the future.

”Maria would really like to get in touch with teachers who are interested in taking part during spring 2021. All Year F-3 classes, both independent schools and municipal schools, are welcome to register their interest!”

Send an e-mail to Maria to receive updates on the project and dates for applying: maria.pettersson1@helsingborg.se

Visit https://pedagogsajten.familjenhelsingborg.se/barnens-h22/  (Swedish site) to learn more about the project.


maria pettersson