H22 Summit

The making of A Smarter City

Relate, play, learn and work, while affecting the new wave in urban innovation for the wellness of the people. Sign up now to secure your spot.

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The first H22 Summit will take place in Helsingborg on 5-6 November 2019. In collaboration with hundreds of business leaders, public representatives, innovators, wellness experts and academics from around the globe, we present you with the challenge to test, explore and have an impact on the making of a smarter city.

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Focus areas

Designing urban safety

We know that the feeling of security is the bellwether of a healthy society, so how can we create sustainable safety solutions for a transforming future? Be there to experience an interactive look at the future of public safety design that is thrillingly hopeful. From crime-fighting lightning to a new direction on cooperative safety, we have summoned the movements and mindsets emerging today.

Making public spaces

What does it take to construct public places where people want to be, thinking not as an urban planner, but as a citizen, to enhance both productivity and livability of cities? We look for answers to the question of what a sustainable public space looks like and search for new viewpoints on the role of urban areas in a rapidly evolving future.

Reinventing city governance

The city is the most complex human system there is, yet its governance is where we sometimes find the most traditional kinds of technology. The time is right for a new direction in city development. We’re inventing city governance for a rapidly evolving world of smart cities, in a variety of events, talks and activities aiming to inspire and tell the story about how cities gain power over their own governance.

First speakers confirmed!

Executive Secretary, Under Secretary General, UNECE

Olga Algayerova

Why cities are the key to a sustainable future. Giving the perspective of the United Nations.
Director of Strategic Design Initiatives, New York City

Ifeoma Ebo

A brand new approach to support public safety – by community engagement and Neighborhood Activation.
Architect, Creative Director, Gehl People

David Sim

As an urban designer, lecturer and author, David Sim shows how cities with well-designed density can result in a higher quality of life.
Entrepreneur and strategist, Hyper Island, SUP46, The Park

Mikael Ahlström

How will the digital transformation change our cities? About digital transformation and creativity in a networked world.
Amsterdam Smart City, Strategy advisor and smart city ambassador

Frans-Anton Vermast

What does it take to develop a smart city, an inclusive society and a more habitable place for people to live, work and play in.
Entrepreneur, Political advisor, Tech diplomat

Aurore Belfrage

Our H22 Summit moderator. With experience as a political advisor, investor and journalist Aurore will lead the Summit from beginning to end.
City of Helsingborg, Urban design strategist

Moa Sundberg

The City of Helsingborg’s approach on creating public safety by design, creative art and co-creation, from strategy to action.
City of Helsingborg, CSO

Elina Bratt

How can we create a smarter, safer and at the same time more pleasant city by using digital tools.
Chief Executive, City of Helsingborg

Palle Lundberg

City governance by co-creation. Why the courage to try is essential and how collaboration is the key.
City of Helsingborg, Head of H22

Soraya Axelsson

The making of a smarter city. An investment in innovation towards an international city expo.
Director Business Solutions, Volvo Bus Corporation

Marie Carlsson

Autonomous, electric and smart - the potential of new public transports in a safer and more sustainable city.
Chairman of the Municipal Board of Helsingborg

Peter Danielsson

Innovation - the key to a smarter city. How Helsingborg will become one of Europes most innovative cites by 2022.
Global speaker

Klas Hallberg

Making the impossible possible. Humorous reflections and core insights on governance and innovation.

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Boost the life between the houses

This two-day conference unites daring thinkers, digital dreamers, sustainability specialists and future icons from the world of design and engineering. You are invited to make an impact when we are rewriting the rules, remodeling the ideas and rethinking the objects of a city built for the wellness of the people living there.

H22 Summit Hackathon

To become a smarter and more sustainable city a variety of perspectives and approaches are essential. During H22 Summit we invite students, freelancers and entrepreneurs from different fields of study to join forces in a hackathon in order to tackle some of the challenges being addressed through the conference program, where the results will also be presented to the crowd.

Be there when the brain meets brave.

H22 Summit is a meeting point for the smart city ecosystem, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. We have summoned the mindsets and movements that point towards where smart urban innovation is going. Smart because it shows understanding for the inhabitants of the city. Smart because it fills different needs, like supporting you in being efficient at work and helping you relax at home. As this annual event leads up to the city expo H22 in 2022, every event, session and activity will ultimately influence life inside and outside the house walls of Helsingborg.

Explore an urban revolution.

The undeniable physical in-existence of some of the innovations enhance the fact that the future of smart cities is everything but determined. The future we get is the future we make. Be there to relate, play, learn and work, while affecting this new wave in urban innovation for the wellness of the people. Be a part of the development towards a city that might not always be perfect, but always aims to be. Hundreds of co-creators take part in creating this unique experience, everyone with a question of their own. Get wiser by diving headfirst in to two days of inspiring friction and new pathways. Reserve your ticket now to secure your spot.