Sällbo - more integration when generations and backgrounds mix

Worlds are colliding at a unique apartment complex in Helsingborg – and it’s a welcome antidote to the social isolation that many report experiencing in Sweden. Known as SällBo, from the Swedish words sällskap (companionship) and bo (living), this unique, social living project brings senior citizens and young adults together to reduce loneliness and promote integration across generations and cultural backgrounds. Residents in 31 of the 51 apartments at Brigadgatan 4A are senior citizens over 70 years old. The rest are young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, half of whom have recently arrived in Sweden, without their parents. Some of the residents live alone after having lost their partners to old age. Some have just started their first jobs. And some have recently received their residence permits in Sweden. And while they each have their own private apartments, they have all chosen to live here for the chance to share quality time with their neighbours. They chat over coffee, eat together occasionally and help each other when they can. They also organise regular activities in the generous common areas which include a shared living room, four shared kitchens, an arts and crafts studio, a library, a yoga and exercise room, a gaming room, a film room, and a puzzle room. They also share outdoor social areas with chairs and tables, BBQs, and a flower and vegetable garden. Learn more about the project and watch a short movie to get a peek inside. Or get in touch to learn more or find out when an apartment becomes available here.

“We interviewed all the potential residents and hand-picked those that represented the greatest diversity of ages, interests and backgrounds – to give them the richest social living and integration experience we can.”

-Dragana Curovic, SällBo Project Manager and Social Developer, Helsingborgshem