12 August, 2020

​Helsingborg is one of Europe’s most innovative cities

The City of Helsingborg in southern Sweden is a finalist in the European Capital of Innovation Awards 2020, also known as iCapital.
12 August, 2020

Be Proud of Every Flush When Living the Dream in Helsingborg.

A unique waste system in the new dockland homes of this Swedish city is turning residents into environmental heroes.
17 June, 2020

Investing in the future has never been more important than it is now

The history books of the future will most certainly talk about a time before and after COVID-19. At the moment, we find ourselves right in the midst of it. We are at a juncture when managing the crisis is the focus for healthcare services, municipalities, businesses, and individuals – all are impacted by the virus. At the same time, we need to dedicate energy and resources to considering how we build society following this pandemic.