1 September, 2020

Smart cities – a global movement

As urbanisation increases, the term ”smart city” is becoming more widely used as an ambition in developing cities. The challenges that cities are facing – with […]
1 July, 2020

Join us at H22 Summit – Save the date

H22 Summit will be a digital hybrid event this year. We have exciting times ahead where we’ll be rethinking how we do things and finding new innovative […]
24 June, 2020

H22 is Helsingborg’s journey to becoming a smarter and more sustainable city

H22 is about you, the people living in Helsingborg or working in the city. What does your dream for Helsingborg look like?
5 June, 2020

Motivation leads to innovation

H22 is about innovation. New ways of thinking to improve quality of life. Where smart solutions focus on what’s most important – solving the challenges facing our shared future in the City of Helsingborg.
5 June, 2020

Show trees some love – challenge the city!

Who will plant the most trees? You or the city? With the Trees in Cities Challenge, the United Nations has invited cities across the world to […]
5 June, 2020

Environment and quality of life go hand in hand

Only a few years ago, discussion on the environment was much further removed from that relating to mental and physical health. But today we know better. […]