Welcome to H22 City Expo!

1 November, 2021
This summer, history will be written when we in the City of Helsingborg take our proud tradition of city exhibitions to a whole new level. With H22 City Expo, we...

A spectacular innovation show!

4 October, 2021
Next summer, between 30 May and 3 July, history will be written when Helsingborg takes its proud tradition of city exhibitions to the next level with H22 City Expo.

Smarter and more sustainable living in the city

17 June, 2021
From different perspectives, in different industries, and with different solutions, H22’s partners contribute to the development of smarter and more sustainable living in the city.

World Oceans Day!

8 June, 2021
Celebrate the sea! Today, 8 June, is World Oceans Day, a day to remind everyone of the important role that oceans have in everyday life. In Helsingborg, the sea is...

H22 City Expo – Save the date!

4 June, 2021
Next summer, Helsingborg, Sweden – mark your calendar! Helsingborg is one of Europe’s most innovative cities, and no less than the EU has confirmed this to be true. Next summer,...

Welcome to H22’s first newsletter for the people who live and work in Helsingborg

29 March, 2021
At the time of writing, it’s March 2021, and that means there is just over one year left until the international H22 City Expo. So it’s time to invite the...

New possibilities in the heart of a smart city

19 March, 2021
The SeaU/City Centre area of downtown Helsingborg will be one of the geographical main areas during H22 City Expo in 2022. A place for new ways of meeting, working, and...

Collaborations launched on the road to H22 City Expo

16 March, 2021
Around 70 partners have joined Helsingborg on the journey towards H22 City Expo. Through new collaborations and their own initiatives, they are contributing to smarter and more sustainable urban development....

Pride and community in socially sustainable urban development

15 December, 2020
H22 City Expo will highlight three geographical main areas of the city. It will also include a central city area in downtown Helsingborg, along with a few selected locations around...

Introducing one of H22’s three main areas

5 October, 2020
H22 City Expo will highlight three geographical main areas. It will also incorporate a central city area in downtown Helsingborg, along with selected locations around the city and region that...

Smart cities – a global movement

28 August, 2020
As urbanisation increases, the term ”smart city” is becoming more widely used as an ambition in developing cities. The challenges that cities are facing – with overcrowding, climate change, and...

Environment and quality of life go hand in hand

18 June, 2020
Only a few years ago, discussion on the environment was much further removed from that relating to mental and physical health. But today we know better. We know that the...

Join us at H22 Summit – Save the date

18 June, 2020
H22 Summit will be a digital hybrid event this year. We have exciting times ahead where we’ll be rethinking how we do things and finding new innovative solutions. Our goal is...

Show trees some love – challenge the city!

14 May, 2020
Who will plant the most trees? You or the city? With the Trees in Cities Challenge, the United Nations has invited cities across the world to join a global campaign....

Motivation leads to innovation

29 April, 2020
H22 is about innovation. New ways of thinking to improve quality of life. Where smart solutions focus on what’s most important – solving the challenges facing our shared future in...

H22 is Helsingborg’s journey to becoming a smarter and more sustainable city

11 March, 2020
H22 is about you, the people living in Helsingborg or working in the city. What does your dream for Helsingborg look like?