Steffen Gray

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President/Organizational leader, Street Studies Copenhagen

Steffen Gray is managing artist open calls and organizational development for Meeting of Styles, the world’s largest street art and graffiti festival. In 2012 he founded the grassroots urban transformation organization Street Studies. The organization is leading urban safety and maintenance projects through large-scale muralism and community building. One of their more recent transformations has been the “Safer Tunnels Program", where urban planners, community and international experts work closely on creating a safer atmosphere.  Their deep interest in urban sociology puts an emphasis on testing and challenging current taken-for-granted practices. Steffen’s team of social entrepreneur-spirited specialists and project initiators, aims to inspire bottom-up initiatives and integrate them into a multi-stakeholder landscape. With 14 years of experience working in public safety, Steffen will share some of his key observations in making successful bottom-up collaborations - leading to safer cities.