A global campaign launched by UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algayerova to promote climate action in cities by challenging mayors around the globe to make a tree-planting-pledge.

Urban areas are responsible for an estimated 75% of C02 emissions worldwide, making city-level action critical for global efforts to address the climate emergency. Trees help clean the air of harmful pollutants, they limit the effects of urban heat islands, reducing air conditioning needs, boost biodiversity in cities and much more!

Chairman of the municipal board of Helsingborg Peter Danielsson is one of the first to sign the pledge. Helsingborg is committing to plant 8000 trees before the end of 2020. Peter is also challenging the people, businesses and organizations of Helsingborg to contribute and plant trees of their own, making the final number even bigger.

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Help us make Helsingborg a climate positive city and plant a tree, sign the form and be a part of the trees in city challenge!