Helsingborg, Sweden.

The making of a smarter city

H22 is a major initiative to explore solutions that improve quality of life in smarter, more sustainable cities. Join us on our journey!

H22 City Expo is an international event in Helsingborg in the summer of 2022. But H22 is also the journey that takes us there, and where it leads us in the future. H22 is exciting sustainable solutions aimed at improving quality of life for the people of Helsingborg in a smarter city.

With H22, we are making Helsingborg a test bed for innovation and new ways of thinking. Improving quality of life for the people of Helsingborg is the ultimate goal.


As someone living and working in Helsingborg, you are an essential part of developing the city.

You are the life in the city and the foundation for building the future. The city is only as great as what we achieve together.

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Tests and ongoing projects in making a smarter city

H22 is a platform for exploring new initiatives and ideas for creating a smarter and more sustainable city. Take a look at some of the current projects.


Join the journey towards a smarter and more sustainable city

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Show trees some love!

The City of Helsingborg has taken on the UN’s Trees in Cities Challenge. Will you join others in matching the city’s target?

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