H22 – A Smarter City is a long term investment in innovation and sustainable urban development by the City of Helsingborg, Sweden, in collaboration with leading businesses, academia, organizations and NGO’s.

In the years leading up to 2022, Helsingborg provides a unique opportunity to initiate and test new ideas and collaborations making a smarter city. In 2022 the city expo will put the best work on display, creating a vibrant international platform to explore and discuss new solutions that push development forward. When the city expo is over, the work continues – using and further processing the learnings and results from the expo.

Three perspectives to explore the making of A Smarter City

Improving quality of life

Highlighting life in the city and life in between houses we look into urban development based on people and their well-being rather than the buildings they live in. By 2030, over 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Thus, quality of life in urban areas is more important now than ever before.

Innovative urban planning

Exploring, testing and showcasing the architecture, innovations and digital transformation pushing development forward. New innovations and technological progress affect our behaviour and create new opportunities on an almost daily basis. In this perspective we explore how the city changes with its time, and how design and architecture can be a part of this progress.

Reinventing city governance

About leadership and decision-making in successful urban development. Exploring the what, who and how of city governance, this perspective highlights citizen involvement, co-creation and fast changes in combination with long-term sustainability.

Three unique locations
highlighted as the city expo’s main districts


An old port and industrial area in central Helsingborg is being developed into the new central district Oceanhamnen, with qualities and innovations beyond the expected. Oceanhamnen will be a city district built on three islands. At the moment, the first island is being built to provide room for three office buildings, four residential blocks with around 350 homes and premises for services and retail areas. It will be furnished with the latest technology to facilitate everyday life for those who live and work in the area. Oceanhamnen is one of the four city districts in the major visionary urban development project H+. The entire area will be fully developed in 2035.


Over the next few years, a new hotel and congress facility and 155 homes are being built in the heart of central Helsingborg, right by the sea.What was once a large car park is being transformed into a living place both for the city’s residents and its visitors. In addition to the homes being built, a park will also be established – designed to meet the needs of visitors and residents alike.


A district from the 60’s is being transformed through social engagement and urban planning, with a focus on dialogue and co-creation.The area Drottninghög was built in 1967 as part of the Million Programme that aimed to provide Sweden with a million homes in ten years. Because the homes were to be built in a short time, typical million programme areas became monotonous, filled with identical apartment complexes. Drottninghög is being transformed by densifying the district and creating variation. During this process, the work has been done in consultation with residents in order to create a city district by and for the people who live there.

H22 initiators

City of Helsingborg and
the municipal corporations

City of Helsingborg

The City of Helsingborg consists of nine departments witihin various fields and a number of wholly or partly owned companies described below.

Our mission is to work for waste minimization and environmental benefits as well as create competitive advantages for the northwestern Skåne region. As an environmental company, we work for a long-term sustainable society through continuous improvements in efficiency and customer benefit.

Helsingborgshem is the public housing company in the city of Helsingborg which, with 12 000 dwellings, is the biggest housing company in Helsingborg. During H22 we will present our work with sustainable and involving district development, mainly in the residential area of Drottninghög.

Through customer-driven business development, we offer sustainable energy & communication solutions. We create smart services & resource-efficient energy usage, every day. With a product range of electricity, biogas, broadband, city hub for IoT, energy services, district heating & cooling, we live our vision: “For a better world”.

Port of Helsingborg
Container specialist with extensive knowledge throughout the full logistic supply chain. With experience and port activity since 1969, we are handle approximately 8 million tons of cargo / 270 000 TEU’s annually – in the right time and condition. With smart and efficient IT-solutions, we make our customers everyday life easier.

Helsingborg Arena & Scen
Helsingborg Arena & Scen is one of Sweden’s largest cultural and event companies. The various operations in the areas of culture, performing arts, events and sports are conducted locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Together we drive development towards a world-class cultural and event offering for both residents and visitors.

Clean water is the objective for Northwestern Skåne regions Water and Sewerage (NSVA). NSVA is a municipal water and wastewater company founded in 2009. It is co-owned by seven municipalities; Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Landskrona, Perstorp, Svalöv and Åstorp.