Gregory Saville

Director of AlterNation LLC

Greg is the Director of AlterNation LLC, an international consultancy specializing in CPTED, problem-oriented policing, and neighborhood planning. As an urban planner, criminologist, and former Canadian police officer, he has consulted to municipalities, governments, corporations and community groups around the world.

He is a co-founder, and inaugural chair, of the International CPTED Association. He taught at the school of criminology at Florida State University and headed a research center at the University of New Haven, where he and Gerard Cleveland co-developed the theory of 2nd Generation CPTED.

In 2007 at the U.N. Habitat conference in Santiago, Chile, he launched SafeGrowth, a new way to plan and develop safer neighborhoods and he recently co-authored "SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety and Livability".