Joerg Knieling

Professor / Head of Institute of Urban Planning and Regional Development

EID, HID, and BID Concepts for sustainable city development

EID - a cooperation process of integrated energy planning at neighborhoods level bringing together city administration, housing companies, energy providers and citizenz. But how can we implement these so called Energy Improvement Districts? Since 2017 Professor Joerg Knieling has worked with AREA21 -  Baltic Smart City Areas for the 21st Century (Interreg Baltic Sea Region), including Öresundkraft AB, Helsingborg, and Region Skane as partners. AREA 21 is a EU-financed project that aims to develop innovative governance solutions for local energy efficiency. At H22 Summit, Joerg will talk about AREA 21, how to implement so called Energy Improvement Districts, Key success factors, challenges and what are next steps.