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H22 City Expo is an international event that will take place in Helsingborg, Sweden in the summer of 2022. But H22 is also the journey that takes us there, and where it leads us in the future. H22 is exciting sustainable solutions aimed at improving quality of life for the people of Helsingborg. All are welcome to join us in the making of a smarter city.

Society is faced with great challenges. Government revenue is expected to decrease while more and more people are looking to move to attractive cities like Helsingborg. At the same time we want a higher quality of life and even better service. And this can be achieved!

But it requires new ways of thinking, smarter technology, and new solutions and services. And that’s what H22 is all about. H22 City Expo is the magnet pulling the world’s sharpest minds towards it. The journey there will be one of learning, exploration, development, testing, and doing.

H22 already collaborates with many national and global partners who are investigating how we can make our cities smarter, more sustainable, and better. Residents, the city, businesses, associations, and academic partners are joining these innovators in elevating the quality of city life.

H22 – The making of a smarter city is an initiative by the City of Helsingborg and the municipally owned enterprises NSR, Helsingborgshem, Öresundskraft, Port of Helsingborg, Helsingborg Arena & Scen, and NSVA.

Three themes for exploring a smarter city

Innovative welfare and urban development

Taking on the challenges of the future requires that we seek new collaborations with different actors. The goal is to test and explore new innovations together. Innovation is about doing radical new things, or doing things in a radical new way. Our approach to creating successful innovations is to forge partnerships between the city, businesses, associations, academia, and residents. In doing so we can explore innovations that have a real impact on welfare and life in the city.

Improving quality of life

A quality of life programme has been adopted by the City of Helsingborg. This is a policy document with the core ambition that all the work we do in Helsingborg shall contribute to improving quality of life for those living and working in the city. The UN estimates that 60 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030. This requires new ways of thinking in terms of people and their well-being in urban environments. What challenges do we need to address to ensure that we’re living the good life as the city grows around us?

Reinventing city governance

Reinventing city governance is about the leadership required for cities to successfully develop in a time when constant change is the new normal. It’s about leaders within the political sphere, civil service, and business sector needing to work together to overcome the challenges facing society.
Major organisations such as the United Nations have previously only worked with actors at the state level when promoting the development of the world’s cities. But in recent years they have come to a realisation – they need to start working with the city’s representatives and those working in the city. It’s here that the force for change and growth can be harnessed.
At present, there is no platform for all levels to meet and discuss these issues of leadership. But H22 aims to create such a platform.

Unique locations to be
showcased at H22 City Expo

H22 City Expo will run for 35 days in 2022, from 30 May to 3 July. The expo will highlight three main areas of the city; Drottninghög, SeaU and Oceanhamnen. It will also incorporate a central city area in downtown Helsingborg, along with selected locations around the city and region that we call satellites.


An old port and industrial area in central Helsingborg is being transformed into the new central district of Oceanhamnen, which will be built on three islands. The first island is currently being developed to accommodate three office buildings, four apartment blocks with around 350 homes, and premises for services and retail outlets. The area will be equipped with the latest technology to facilitate everyday life for those living and working in the area. Oceanhamnen is one of the four city districts in the major urban development project H+. The entire area will be fully developed by 2035.


A state-of-the-art hotel and congress facility and 155 homes are being built right by the sea in the heart of central Helsingborg. What was once a large car park is being transformed into accommodation for both the city’s residents and its visitors. In addition to the homes being built, a park will also be established along the quayside promenade to be enjoyed by all.


The area of Drottninghög was built in 1967 as part of the Million Programme, which aimed to provide Sweden with a million new homes within ten years. Due to the time frame, these areas became characterised by their monotonous design and identical apartment blocks. But now Drottninghög is being transformed in collaboration with those who are most invested – the people living and working there. By building green spaces and public areas and densifying the district to create more homes, Drottninghög is now a vibrant place of change. Social sustainability, dialogue, and local involvement will guide this process over the coming years.

H22 initiators

The City of Helsingborg and the
municipally owned enterprises

City of Helsingborg

The City of Helsingborg consists of nine departments and a number of wholly or partly owned municipal enterprises, as described below. The work with H22 is a joint undertaking by the entire City of Helsingborg Group.

NSR is a regional environmental company that thinks globally. Our mission is to minimise waste and increase environmental benefits while creating competitive advantages for Northwest Skåne. Our goal is long-term sustainability for society through continuous improvements in efficiency and customer benefit.

Helsingborgshem is a public housing company wholly owned by the City of Helsingborg. With 12,000 rental apartments, we are the biggest operator in the Helsingborg housing sector. H22 will be a platform for presenting our work with sustainable and inclusive urban development, primarily within the district of Drottninghög.

Through customer-driven business development, we offer sustainable energy & communication solutions. We create smart services & resource-efficient energy usage, every day. With a product range including electricity, biogas, broadband, a city hub for IoT, energy services, and district heating & cooling, we are living our vision: “For a better world”.

Port of Helsingborg
Port of Helsingborg is a container specialist with broad expertise within the entire logistic supply chain. With industry experience since 1969, we handle approximately 8 million tons of cargo annually – on time and with due care. Using smart IT solutions, we make everyday life easier for our customers.

Helsingborg Arena & Scen
Helsingborg Arena & Scen is one of Sweden’s largest culture and event companies. The various activities within the areas of culture, performing arts, events, and sports are conducted locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Together we are constantly pushing the boundaries so that residents and visitors can enjoy world-class cultural activities and events.

Clean water is the goal of the work being done at Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp (NSVA). NSVA is a municipal water and wastewater company in Northwest Skåne founded in 2009. It is co-owned by seven municipalities; Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Landskrona, Perstorp, Svalöv and Åstorp.

Fire and Rescue Service Skåne Northwest
Fire and Rescue Service Skåne Northwest is a local federation that includes Helsingborg, Ängelholm, Örkelljunga and Bjuv. During H22, we will be showing how we work preventively from both a social and a technical perspective. We will be building interactive mobile environments that focus on the experience.

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