5-6 november 2019 / Helsingborg, Sweden

H22 Summit

The making of A Smarter City

A two-day conference that brings together sharp minds with new ideas and best practices from all over the globe. H22 Summit will be the go-to event for inspirational, actionable talks and knowledge sharing making smarter cities everywhere.

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What we are

H22 Summit is an annual conference leading up to 2022 and the city expo H22. The 2019 summit is a two-day conference on 5-6 November.

Where we are from

H22 – A Smarter City is an effort to change how we construct our cities. A city expo in 2022 exploring the best solutions for a smarter, more sustainable urban development and city life.

Speakers & Program

Speakers and program will be revealed from August-September

Focus areas

  • Designing urban safety – About what makes safe urban environments, today and in the future. Sharing successful urban designs, methods and tools going forward.
  • Making public places – About how we can plan our cities to boost life in between the houses, both in the creation of new and in the transformation of existing spaces.
  • Re-inventing city governance – Exploring the what, who and how of city governance, we highlight key elements in a modern leadership, citizen involvement and co-creation.