Helsingborg, Sweden. 2022

The making of A Smarter City

Welcome to a city expo exploring a smarter and more sustainable urban development and city life

H22 – A Smarter City is an effort to change how we construct our cities. A city expo in 2022 exploring the best solutions for a smarter, more sustainable urban development and city life.

The city expo and the years leading up to it is a platform to explore, test and showcase new standards and ideas creating change.

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Welcome to H22 Summit 5-6 November.
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H22 Summit

A two-day conference exploring ideas and best practices from all over the globe

5-6 november 2019

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May 3, 2019

Helsingborg invited to the UN headquarters in Geneva

In April Helsingborg was invited as one of 30 smart and sustainable cities to participate at the conference Day of Cities, held at the UN he...
April 16, 2019

HRH Crown Princess Victoria royal patron of H22

HRH Crown Princess Victoria has chosen to undertake a patronage of H22 - A Smarter City, supporting the city's development work towards 2022...
April 13, 2019

Helsingborg invests SEK 250 million in welfare solutions for the future

The City Council in Helsingborg has decided to invest SEK 250 million (just over EUR 23 million) in H22, a welfare solution for the future. ...