Basic facts

There will be hundreds of ways to tell the H22 story, but a few simple messages can be seen as the foundation of what H22 is. These lines can be combined or used separately, together with your own H22-message

  • H22 – A Smarter City is a long term investment in innovation and sustainable urban development by the City of Helsingborg, in collaboration with leading businesses, academia, organizations and NGO’s.
  • H22 – A Smarter City is a city expo for a smarter and more sustainable city.
  • In the years leading up to 2022, Helsingborg provides a unique opportunity to initiate and test new ideas and collaborations making a smarter city.
  • In 2022 a city expo will put the best work on display, creating a vibrant international platform to explore and discuss new solutions that push development forward.
  • When the city expo is over, the work continues – using and further processing the learnings and results from the expo.
  • Helsingborg has a proud tradition of arranging expos. In 1955 one million people visited the design expo H55. In 1999 the expo H99 became the precursor to a series of national housing expos.
  • With H22 the City of Helsingborg are now looking to make a difference in an area that is increasingly important: A smarter and more sustainable urban development


Download a basic presentation and add your own images to tell the H22-story.

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#H22themakingofasmartercity #H22

Secondary hashtags

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