The colours of the H22 identity are picked from the City of Helsingborg’s colour scheme, to link H22 and the city together. There are four identity colours, supplemented by white, black and grey variations.

The use of the identity colours as an element in itself is not vital, but can be used to further boost the H22 identity in your communication.

Colour codes

PMS 485 C
PMS Bright Red U
CMYK 0/100/100/0
RGB 227/0/15
HEX e3000f

PMS 7460 C
PMS 7460 U
CMYK 100/10/0/0
RGB 0/149/219
HEX 0095db

PMS 7738 C
PMS 361 U
CMYK 80/0/100/0
RGB 17/166/54
HEX 11a636

PMS 2425 C
PMS 248 U
CMYK 40/100/0/0
RGB 166/19/128
HEX a61380

PMS Pantone Process Black
CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
HEX 000000