Revisit your favourite session – some of the presentations are now published.

Vesna Vasiljkovic

Presentation available 🔍 About how equality and urban planning can come together to achieve Agenda 2030.
City of Helsingborg

Torbjörn Johansson

Torbjörn works for the City of Helsingborg as GIS manager at the City planning & Technical services department. Within his work he is r...
Safer Sweden Foundation

Cornelis Uittenbogaard

Presentation available 🔍 Cornelis is working as an urban planner and researcher at the NGO Safer Sweden Foundation, specializing in urban safety issues.
Senior Advisor on Crime Prevention, Swedish National Police

May-Britt Rinaldo Ronnebro

Presentation available 🔍 At the H22 Summit May-Britt will talk about the development and planned development of the Swedish Crime Harm Index.
Malmö University, Professor

Anna-Karin Ivert

Presentation available 🔍 Professor at Malmö University with aspecial interest in how crime and fear of crime is related to neighbourhood development. 
Human and Child Rights Manager, IKEA

Julia Olofsson

Julia Olofsson is the Global Human and Child Rights Manager at Ingka Group (formerly known as IKEA Group) where she leads the work on human rights and child rights.
Ax:son Johnson Foundation, Director of Urban City Research

Peter Elmlund

Presentation available 🔍 Since 2002 Peter Elmlund has run Urban City Research at Ax:son Johnson Foundation. In this capacity, he has arranged many international and national conferences about urban issues.
City of Helsingborg, Innovation Strategist

Patrick Lindqvist

Presentation available 🔍 What needs must an organization understand and fulfill; as opposed to understanding the services or products the organisation produces.
Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), Project Manager

Piret Tõnurist

Presentation available 🔍 Dr. Piret Tõnurist leads the work on systems thinking, innovation measurement and anticipatory innovation governance at the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI).
CEO, Helsingborg City Partnership

Hanna Candell

Presentation available 🔍 At H22 Summit Hanna will talk share learnings from her work with Purple Flag and the night time economy, creating safer environment in the city centre.
Lund University, Professor

Erik Larsson

How do we build the digital plattform to ensure that all desired smartness we want in the city is implemented in a safe, secure and reliable manner? 
Innovation Lead, OECD

Angela Hanson

Presentation available 🔍 Angela directs work around innovation methods, tools and capacity building. She is also leading work on innovation portfolio exploration and Anticipatory Innovation Governance.
City of Helsingborg, Head of Future

Micco Grönholm

Presentation available 🔍 Micco has the overall mission to strengthen the innovativeness of the organization and the competitiveness of Helsingborg and Greater Copenhagen.
IKEA, Stream Lead for Real Play Coalition

Mikael Sjögren

The power of play & building of child friendly cities.
Helsingborg City Libraries, Librarian

Eva Hveem

Smart cities need smart citizens - how the library connects the two
Helsingborg City Libraries, Library Director

Catharina Isberg

Smart cities need smart citizens - how the library connects the two
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Researcher

Ricardo Alvarez

Urban innovation ecosystems and the next generation of intelligent urban infrastructure systems.
Professional dreamer

Staffan Taylor

Co-creating future cities – A citizens perspective
Architect, Sweco

Emilia Hallin

How can we capture and measure something as multidimensional as safety?
Geographer, Sweco

Shimeng Zhou

Presentation available 🔍 How can we capture and measure something as multidimensional as safety?
Ethnologist, Sweco

Petra Bäckman

How can we capture and measure something as multidimensional as safety?
Director of AlterNation LLC

Gregory Saville

How can we plan, develop and build neighboorhoods of safety and livability?
Industry Solutions Manager for Education, Microsoft Sweden

Joke Palmkvist

Presentation available 🔍 How can we open the digital window to the classroom? Making mixed reality and digital tools part of the education.
Director Office of the Executive Secretary

Kire Ilioski

The United Nations vision for smart sustainable cities of the future.
Lund University, PhD Ethnology & Associate Professor in Service Management

Elisabeth Högdahl

Presentation available 🔍 How can we educate in placemaking by focusing on place and diversity?
Advisor on social innovation and entrepreneurship, City of Oslo

Leo Rygnestad

Community based approaches to urban safety and the development of inclusive public spaces
Meeting of Styles, Organizational leader, Street Studies CPH

Steffen Gray

Presentation available 🔍 How to create successful bottom-up collaborations - leading to safer cities.
FOJAB, Urban Planner

Emma Pihl

Presentation available 🔍 How norms affect the use of public spaces for physical activities and how to create inclusive places.
City of Helsingborg, Urban Planner

Cecilia Fredriksson

Presentation available 🔍 Creating a norm of equality in urban planning and public places
City of Umeå, Gender equality officer

Linda Gustafsson

Presentation available 🔍 The method of Gendered landscape and gendered based urban planning.
CEO & Founder, Women@theTable

Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

What is a “Smart Feminist City” and how does that relate to bias in artificial intelligence?
Urban & Spatial Planner / Placemaker

Vivian Doumpa

Exploring the field of creative placemaking, where art and creativity are the incentives to engage and activate communities.
Professor / Head of Institute of Urban Planning and Regional Development

Joerg Knieling

How can we develop innovative governance solutions for local energy efficiency? Energy Improvement Discricts - implementation, key factors and challenges.
Global Utmaning, Researcher

Emelie Anneroth

Presentation available 🔍 Why does gender matter in urban planning? And, what might ‘gendered planning practice’ hope to achieve? How gender and planning can come together.
Director of Strategic Design Initiatives, New York City

Ifeoma Ebo

A brand new approach to support public safety – by community engagement and Neighborhood Activation.
Architect, Creative Director, Gehl People

David Sim

As an urban designer, lecturer and author, David Sim shows how cities with well-designed density can result in a higher quality of life.
Entrepreneur and strategist, Hyper Island, SUP46, The Park

Mikael Ahlström

How will the digital transformation change our cities? About digital transformation and creativity in a networked world.
Amsterdam Smart City, Strategy advisor and smart city ambassador

Frans-Anton Vermast

Presentation available 🔍 What does it take to develop a smart city, an inclusive society and a more habitable place for people to live, work and play in.
Entrepreneur, Political advisor, Tech diplomat

Aurore Belfrage

Our H22 Summit moderator. With experience as a political advisor, investor and journalist Aurore will lead the Summit from beginning to end.
City of Helsingborg, Urban design strategist

Moa Sundberg

The City of Helsingborg’s approach on creating public safety by design, creative art and co-creation, from strategy to action.
City of Helsingborg, CSO

Elina Bratt

Presentation available 🔍 How can we create a smarter, safer and at the same time more pleasant city by using digital tools.
Chief Executive, City of Helsingborg

Palle Lundberg

City governance by co-creation. Why the courage to try is essential and how collaboration is the key.
City of Helsingborg, Head of H22

Soraya Axelsson

The making of a smarter city. An investment in innovation towards an international city expo.
Director Business Solutions, Volvo Bus Corporation

Marie Carlsson

Presentation available 🔍 Autonomous, electric and smart - the potential of new public transports in a safer and more sustainable city.
Chairman of the Municipal Board of Helsingborg

Peter Danielsson

Innovation - the key to a smarter city. How Helsingborg will become one of Europes most innovative cites by 2022.
Global speaker

Klas Hallberg

Making the impossible possible. Humorous reflections and core insights on governance and innovation.