Smartest container port in the Nordics

Around 75% of everything we buy is transported in shipping containers. And since Helsingborg is home to Sweden’s second largest container port, a huge portion of the entire country’s goods arrive and depart right here next to the heart of the city.

We’re now making our port safer, quieter, cleaner, and more efficient with a project to replace the diesel-driven machines that move the containers around the port – self-driving electric pods. The pods operate in the closed port environment using advanced safety systems and sensors, including radar and cameras. They can be monitored and controlled from a distance, putting drivers out of harm’s way. And with no driver cab, the pods are much lighter than existing diesel-driven trucks.

More importantly, they run on electricity, which improves life for everyone in and around the port as we greatly reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels while also increasing safety.

The first pilot pod will be put to work in 2021 when the area layout is analysed and the route planning is complete. But you can see a pod in action right now by watching this short film.

Or read more about the project and the Swedish tech company Einride which is developing the solution.