Pixla Piren – Come play and create, one 10×10-metre pixel at a time

Part of building the smarter city is making room for ideas and fun to run free. That’s why the city has offered up our old ferry pier to anyone who wants to create, well, almost anything. And it’s totally free. How does it work? You just pick one of the 10 x 10 meter pixels in the 692 square meter space, and fill it with your ideas. There are tools on site that you can borrow and it’s manned on certain days by staff there to help you apply for funding towards materials and more. It’s always open and you can use your pixel for just one day, or for a whole year. The area has free Wi-Fi, indoor workshops, a beach, a skate park, restrooms, a plant workshop, graffiti walls, picnic tables and firepits for barbecuing. You can even apply for up to 10,000 SEK from Helsingborg’s Vision Fund to bring your pixel to life. So come build something, start an urban farm, host an event or just hang out and enjoy the awesome views. Read more about Pixla Piren and get in touch to claim your pixel or follow the fun on Instagram or Facebook.