Hbg Works – Sweden’s first city-run innovation hub and accelerator

Imagine a typical meeting room. The door is closed. You’re seated at a table and looking at a whiteboard. Now imagine you’re in a colourful indoor playground with huge bean bags, creativity boosting toys, a ping pong table, natural light and space to move around. Where do you think you’ll have the most innovative ideas?

In our work to build the smarter city, we need a lot of innovative ideas. These could be ideas about how to make running our city faster and less complicated as well as ways to make life in Helsingborg more sustainable, more efficient or more fun. So, we created Hbg Works to be the perfect environment for coming up with ideas – and for developing, testing and realizing them faster.

As Sweden’s first city-run innovation hub and accelerator, it’s a creative open workspace where city employees come to collaborate with each other over organisational boundaries. Along for the ride are contributors from the private sector, academia and the people of Helsingborg – basically everyone with ideas for making Helsingborg a smarter city.

Visit Hbg Works to check out some of the ideas born and raised at Hbg Works so far, or join one of the regular open talks or workshops. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with our idea coaches if you have an idea for making Helsingborg a smarter city.

”In designing the space, we combined nature and play to break away from the traditional municipal office environment. We have moss green floors, details in sunset colours, sometimes Pilates balls instead of chairs and Lego sets to help get the creative juices flowing.”

– Maria Albjär, Project manager, Hbg Works