Habiteum - gör verkstad av hållbarhetsmålen

Habituem is both a place and a process. Here, the focus is on the major challenges relating to environment and public health, which require innovation, new methods, and new ways of working. Habiteum provides support in this work with sustainability.

At Habituem, residents, people working in the public and private sector, and those engaged in association activities create together and turn the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into workshops. In the past year, these co-creators have developed a range of workshops and activities, both indoor and outdoor. By testing ideas and exploring new working methods, thresholds are lowered and new possibilities open up. The welcoming and open atmosphere gives rise to new perspectives. Since renovating, the rooms are now filled with everything from recycled old furniture to technical equipment. Habiteum has premises, outside space, and tools for workshops on a variety of themes, such as food, recycling, and water. By doing – the practice of creating together – the discussion becomes simplified and on equal terms. Nature plays an important role, for health and for understanding the broader contexts. By using our senses, we gain new insights and become more creative.

At Habiteum, we co-create the future together.

Do you want to be a co-creator?

If you need support with progressing in your sustainability work, or if you have an idea for something you want to do, email us at habiteum@helsinborg.se habiteum@helsinborg.se

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”Habiteum provides support in the necessary work with sustainability. The co-creators who have taken part have experienced invigoration, discussions grounded in equality, and rewarding interactions.”

– Karolina Nilsen, Coordinator for Habiteum