H22 Accelerator

H22 Accelerator is an initiative that has been created together with H22 partner HETCH with the goal of supporting local businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis. The accelerator can provide support both to ideas coming from the business fund Näringslivsfonden Corona, but also other initiatives.

HETCH is a tech hub that supports entrepreneurs in order to promote innovation and growth. They provide support within H22 Accelerator by packaging the ideas and conducting parts of the accelerator programme that are in operation today.

Access to H22 Accelerator requires that the idea be assessed as having the potential to go to market. In other words, projects that have what it takes to grow and develop further. Selection is made by a jury connected to HETCH.

The selection process will generally go as follows.

  1. The submitted idea is validated and approved for funding.
  1. A new validation round is conducted to judge whether the project can be admitted to the accelerator programme.

More detailed information on the application and selection process will be provided shortly.

Näringslivsfonden and H22 Accelerator are also part of Action Helsingborg.

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