Partners till H22

Microsoft, ABB, IBM, IKEA signs collaboration deal for H22

The City of Helsingborg has presented the first of the businesses and organizations that intend to collaborate with the city on the journey towards the city expo H22 – A Smarter City. 40 different organizations can be found on the list, among others Microsoft, IBM, IKEA and the OECD initiative OPSI (Observatory for Public Sector Innovation). More businesses and organizations are expected to join later on.

“I’m glad that we can present organizations like IKEA, Microsoft, IBM and OPSI as collaborative partners in the work towards the city expo H22. Together we’ll find new solutions for how to build smart and sustainable cities. Our investment in innovation and partnerships with the private sector gives Helsingborg an opportunity to lead the way in innovative welfare and urban development – which in the long run will benefit everyone in Helsingborg,” says Peter Danielsson (M), mayor of Helsingborg.

“If we’re going to successfully strengthen the welfare system going forwards we need to develop new ways of working and modern solutions, and the city expo H22 is a key player in this. Together with the people of Helsingborg we’ll be at the forefront of how modern urban development should work in the future,” says Jan Björklund (S), municipal commissioner in Helsingborg.

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