HRH Crown Princess Victoria royal patron of H22

HRH Crown Princess Victoria has chosen to undertake a patronage of H22 - A Smarter City, supporting the city's development work towards 2022 and the city expo H22.

Helsingborg has a proud tradition of arranging large expos. In 1955 the design expo H55 attracted vast interest and is now considered an historic milestone in the development of modern Sweden. With the city expo H22 the City of Helsingborg, along with global companies and organizations, now aims to play a part in the making of smarter and more sustainable cities.

- It is a great honor that the Crown Princess has chosen to support our work with H22. The Crown Princess' knowledge and commitment to social issues and sustainability is well known, says the mayor of Helsingborg Peter Danielsson.

The Crown Princess visited Helsingborg in January to learn about the city’s work with sustainability and smart urban development. In connection with the visit, Helsingborg City sent the formal request of patronage of H22, which the Crown Princess has now accepted.


There is a long and historic tradition of royal patronage. When a member of the Royal Family undertakes a patronage, he or she promotes the operations of the association, institution or organisation in question. This can be done in various ways, but generally involves the patron lending weight and status to these operations by raising awareness of the organisation and its work. In the case of patronage of more long-term operations, the aim is also to inspire others to contribute their support.