Dates of city expo revealed at partner meetup

In the summer of 2022 we will see the grand finale of all the development in and around H22. The dates were revealed at an event where H22 partners met to kick off the collaborations and work ahead. 

Mark your calendar – May 30 to July 3, 2022

The target is now set to 35 days during May – July in 2022. A time of year in the city that includes both business and leisure for citizens as well as international visitors.

– It really is a great period of time in Helsingborg. The city expo will create a vibrant platform where innovations and ideas to make a smarter and more sustainable city will be showcased, tested and further developed by the crowd.

H22 Partner meetup

The content of the expo will be created by all departments and businesses within the City of Helsingborg, along with H22’s partners – today more than 50 local and global businesses and organizations.  The meetup held in january was the first of several occasions where partners will meet going forward with the aim set on the city expo.

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