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The H22 city expo will provide an international platform for the most exciting development work, the smartest urban designs and the best innovations for improving quality of life in the city.

Now we are looking for you – the companies and organizations that shape life in the city by leading your industries forward – to join our journey. As an H22 partner you are participating in shaping the future – for real. Your investment in H22 is primarily constituted by the changes and innovations that you’re working on to develop your own organization.

Ways to get involved


As an H22 co-creator you are one of our key partners and thus take on an important role in the work towards 2022 and the creation of the city expo. You are a leader in your field and can see the value in using H22 as a platform to share your work. Your H22 investment is directed at both individuals and businesses within several different areas, is interesting for an international audience and can be presented as an exciting attraction to H22’s broad audience.

Content partner

As an H22 content partner you’ll be a part of the program during the city expo and your primary contribution will be concentrated to 2022 and specific parts of the city expo. Your investment is directed at individuals and/or B2B. Whatever your target audience is, the content should be interesting at a national and/or international level.


As Friends of H22 we’ll be working hand in hand to create the sustainable and smart cities of the future. Your involvement may land in contributions to the city expo but doesn’t necessarily have to. As good friends we cooperate in contexts that give us both a push forwards. Your target audience can be both B2B and individuals.

Learn more about the many ways we can join forces and how you can be part of H22

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