Conference Venue

Helsingborg Arena

Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 14
254 37 Helsingborg

How to get here


Car: Helsingborg Arena is located at Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 14, next to Idrottens hus. If you’re approaching from the north on the E4 or E6 you should turn off at Helsingborg N. If you’re approaching from the south on the E6 or E20, turn right at Helsingborg/Höganäs/Ekeby at exit 28 and continue in to Helsingborg via Malmöleden, E4.

Parking: It can be hard to find parking in direct connection to the arena during larger events. Arrive in good time to secure a parking spot, or use an alternative means of transport.

Bus: From the Helsingborg Central station you can travel to Helsingborg Arena by bus. The bus stop is called Olympia Park. Use Skånetrafiken’s travel planner to find times and connections.

Walk: It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Helsingborg C to Helsingborg Arena. Take the route via the Terrace Stairs at the far end of the central square and continue through Slottshagen Park. Continue eastwards on S:t Peders gata until you arrive at Mellersta Stenbocksgatan.


There are three airports close to Helsingborg.

CPH Airport Kastrup (an international airport just outside Copenhagen)
From here you can either get a taxi, rent a car or take a train (Öresundståget via Malmö), and all of these options will get you here in about an hour.

Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport (you can fly here from Stockholm, among other places)
From here you can take a taxi or a rented car to Helsingborg in about 30 minutes. You can also take the airport bus, which will get you to Helsingborg in about 50 minutes.

Malmö Airport (you can fly here from Stockholm, among other places)
A taxi or rented car will get you to Helsingborg in about 1 hour. The airport bus will take you to Malmö C or Lund C and takes 35 and 45 minutes, respectively. After that you can take the train to Helsingborg (40 and 30 minutes, respectively).